Other Skills available.

Main Skills. Legacy Skills.
Lesser Skills by Time.
Languages C++ Includes Roguewave & Visual Studio, some commercial
Delphi Learning, but also Pascal experience
HTML E.G. This Site!
Java Learning
Perl Some commercial, also text processing.
PL/SQL Commercial experience of Stored Procedures and Triggers for Oracle
Visual Studio Commercial and training use.
Tools MQ Series Messaging system Developing extract, transfer and load tools.
Systems IBM Mainframes VM/CMS, MVS +TSO,JCL
Windows Includes NT & XP admin
VMS Developing on openVMS
UNIX Mostly AIX, Solaris. Shell scripts, awk & make
Databases Access A small database
Progress Commercial front end development
Statistics SAS Complex Data Analysis (version 6)
SASPAC Census Data Analysis
Office Software MS Word Various documents.
Lotus 123 Contractor accounts.
Lotus Word CVs, letters etc.
Main Skills. Legacy Skills.