Working styles.

We aim to be flexible to find the right solution for you. We do not aim to be just technical gurus, but we have the excellent skills and resources to solve your problem and explain the solution in plain English. Then there is the advantage of using contractors. This is why we also do design, analysis, testing and management when required.

We have a reputation for completing work on time and being able to undertake any task required. Any work can be done independently or by joining teams and working with and understanding staff at all levels. We can do complete projects with our resources.
We can work on your site, travelling anywhere in the UK and Europe.
We can work remotely on projects.
Can work on any length of project from days to years, returning as required.

The company has worked for clients from banks to pharmaceutical companies, utilities to public organisations and small companies. We can adapt to and use your standards and development environment.
The work for clients has been arranged through agencies, or through consultancies. We can work directly for you the client. Where we have worked.

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