Current Freelance Clients.

I have recently done a variety of small freelance consultancy projects.
I am working on setting up paralell projects so that I can work on a time actually used basis and spread my experience. In this way I can work on client projects part-time to do work in my expertise.

I have completed some small projects in Access for a charity to help their administration.

I have competed a project for a start-up company. This involved an Oracle database installation, writing PL/SQL data load procedures and reports plus a Java Swing front end.

An earlier project involved application troubleshooting for a consultancy whose clients security system was giving unhelpful errors, I used debugging tools (xdb on Solaris) to point them in the direction of the actual cause in the database being used.

I am working on original projects, sometimes in new languages, to extend my experience in techniques I haven't used before in free time.