Our Company.

We are efficient and reliable freelancers with a fifteen year reputation. We aim for the best solution for each client and situation based on your requirements and our experience. No location is impossible, we can travel to your site or work remotely.

Full Experience.

Our main contractor/freelancer has many years varied experience, including seven years as a permanent employee, in these
industries. (includes consultants non-contracting roles) and
No job too difficult though an analysis and assessment of cost will be carried out first before anything attempted. Not many tasks are impossible with the tools we use. We like a challenge.

Some Specialisms.

We have been specialists in Automated data transfer and Migration tools. These are for data transformation and loading to databases or transfer to other computers.
The skills used are very transferable to many tasks or industries requiring data manipulation and task automation. Other skills available can be used for user interfaces and other applications.

As you can see we have experience of a wide range of programming tasks and can apply this to any bespoke situation. If you need applications linking to complete your infrastructure we can provide exactly the right tool.

We also do Statistical & Geostatistical analysis of any data especially Spatial Data ( geological or geographical information) or Time Series data.


Our consultants are UK nationals and science graduates from UK universities.

Professional Society Membership: We take our professionalism seriously.
PCG now IPSE. Previously involved at council level (2010-12).