Some Resources to Help you.

Embedded SQL:

People often ask me about this. This is the technique of embedding SQL database commands into a programming language such as C, Fortran, Cobol, Java.
It is different from embedded C which is about putting C programmes on to small machines such as mobile phones.

Embedded programming can be done for any SQL type database. For Oracle the languages are C/C++ (Pro*C), Cobol (Pro*Cobol) etc.,
A special case is embedding in Ada which became PL/SQL. Another variation is JDBC for Java and similar connectivity to any database.
For Informix the equivalent is ESQL, For SQLServer T-SQL. All these are very similar and the SQL is virtually identical,

Oracle Sites :

Useful Oracle Sites :
Oracles' main site.
OTN Technical Information
Metalink for faults.

Other sites about Oracle.

Other Databases.

There are many relational and non-relational ones spread through time.

DB2, A very early one, still good.


SQL Server, A windows version of Sybase.



Programming sites.

C++ Language:
C++ Street

Java Language:
SUN J2ee

Web development:

Books about Computing.

I find O'Reilly books are the best. I use them a lot and they are invariably helpful and comprehensive.

The Oracle Press books from Osbourne are also helpful. Osbourne publish other Computer books.

Other useful publishers are John Wiley & Wrox, AddisonWesley, Que. But I love O'Reilly Books

If you like Dummies books then enjoy them. (Call me when you run out of solutions).

Good Contractors.

I just recommend my fellow IPSE members, Find them here (In Progress).

There are other direct contractor sites.